Index to broadsheet: new new zealand poetry

Issues 1-29

Author Index

Adcock, Fleur  Thames (No. 19)
A Game of 500 (No. 19)

Alexander, Raewyn  What is a Star? (No. 6)

Allan, Rosetta  Safe (No. 15)
Woodville Revisited (No. 15)

Anon (UK) Football (No. 13)

Arlov, Anita  Four Parts Blue (No. 15)
The Glint on the Water (No. 15)
– ‘If you only have one wish, make it big’ (No. 23)

Arsenev, Pavel (Russia)  Translator’s Note (No. 16)

Ascroft, Nick  Your Great-Aunt and the Retirement (No. 15)
A Hundred Names, Never Heard (No. 15)
House, Kid, Dog (No. 18)
House, Kid, Dog (No. 18)
Slung Across the Cat (No. 24)
No More Experimental Cat Poetry (No. 24)
Kid in Day Care, Cat Sleeps in Pram (No. 24)
Instead of Finishing “The Plotz” I’ve… It’s Another…Gah!
Psalm Accompanied by Hipster Cacaphony (No. 24)
Seven Things to do on Snowbound Weekends, in Spandex (No. 24)
The Brain (No. 24)
Horodok: The Altar of the Reeds (No. 24)
As Long as Rain (No. 24)
We’ll Go From There (No. 28)
Whereby I Cloud My Intent in Verbiage… (No. 28)

Auld, Una  The Mount (No. 12)
Easter Lilies (No. 12)
Star-Song (No. 12)
Beneath (No. 12)

Barford, Serie  If you were a tiputa (No. 25)

Barnes, Emma  Sacral (No. 7)
He Says (No. 7)

Barnett, Sarah Jane  Maori Battalion, C Company (No. 7)

Bell, Sandra  Hereditary Seat /Path (No. 22)
Kaiangaroa State Forest (No. 22)

Berengarten, Richard (UK)  From Manual (No. 2)
Siesta (No. 11)
Approach Me Not (No. 11)
Anomalous Phenomena (No. 11)
Hence Into Suchness (No. 11)
Insomniac Presence (No. 11)
Moon Over Sea (No. 11)
– From Changing (No. 17)
– From Rough Diamonds (No. 25)
Octavio (No. 27)
Wingbone (No. 27)
2 May 1828 (No. 27)
Secret Names (No. 27)
Dip a Cup into a Lake (No. 27)
– Jazz on the Fluted Motorway (No. 27)
Summer Downpour (No. 27)
– Summer Glory (No. 27)
Trying on Ideas (No. 27)
An Irony (No. 27)
Slide (No. 27)
Inside, Outside (No. 27)
As the Sun Goes Down (No. 27)
Welcome Back (No. 27)
Voice in a Dream (No. 27)
So, Ghost (No. 27)
Core, Cour, Cœur (No. 27)

Bernhardt, Jeanne Untitled Poems (No. 1)
Damians Poem (No. 4)
– Siringo Road (No. 17)
Luz (No. 17)
The Sun (No. 17)
– Here where I watch things (No. 22)
Its given (No. 22)
June (No. 22)
a dead thing (No. 22)
the gourd house (No. 22)
small blues(No. 22)
a year (No. 22)
Sunday(No. 22)
old mans cap (No. 22)
some place else (No. 22)
not a small thing (No. 28)
Grey Lynn (No. 28)
one of her own (No. 28)

Beyer, Tony  Ode (No. 1)
– Mother Lode (No. 1)
Duke (No. 5)
Majesty (No. 5)
Death Scenes in Nineteenth Century Novels (No. 11)
The Only Game (No. 18)
Max (No. 18)
Free Range (No. 21)
Figment (No. 21)

Black, Corin Botanical (No. 24)

Bland, Peter  The Visit (i.m. Louis Johnson) (No. 2)
– Four Poems for Riemke Ensing (No. 15)
Concerning Our Own Bit of Time… (No. 19)
The Spirit House (No. 19)
Exotic (No. 19)
The Distance Between Us (No. 19)
Regression (No. 19)
This Poem Starts Right Now… (No. 19)
Don’t Worry About Those Angels (No. 19)
Evensong (No. 19)
Ends and Beginnings (No. 19)
Showbiz (No. 26)

Bolton, Ken (Australia)  Tramps Like Us (No. 20)

Bornholdt, Jenny  Cold (No. 20)

Borshevsky, Margaret  Translations of Anna Akhmatova (No. 5)

Borrell, Nola  Denniston (No. 10)
The Clerkenwell Pump (No. 10)

Boyce, Simon Homeground (No. 13)

Bridge, Diana  In the Supplementary Garden (No. 5)

Britton, Iain  First Fruit (No. 15)
Appetizer (No. 15)
Red Foliage (No. 15)

Brown, James The Trialist (No. 13)

Brown, Pam (Australia)  I can hear your aargh from here (No. 20)

Brown, R D The Great Out-Doors (No. 12)
Bellvue Spur (No. 12)

Brunton, Alan Guru Hoodoo (No. 21)
– From Movie (No. 21)

Bullock, Owen  Ruse St Denis (No. 6)
Lambeth (No. 6)

Butcher-McGunnigle, Zarah  From Autobiogaphy of a Marguerite (No. 11)

Butterworth, Karen Peterson  Eleventh Day Eleventh Hour (No. 23)
Who do I think I am? (No. 23)

Campbell, Alistair Te Ariki  Intacta  (No.1)
To My Muse (No. 1)
Ode to WellingtonCity (No. 4)

Campbell, Mary Maringikura  Rain (No. 26)

Campbell, Meg  As Far As It Goes (2000) (No. 1)
Christmas Day, 1998 (No. 4)
The Burden (No. 4)

Chad, Tony  Casino (No. 10)
– Passing the Baton (No. 23)

Chalar, Laura (Uruguay) Julio (No 26)
You-Look-Well (No. 26)

Challis, Gordon  Gifts (No. 19)

Chan, Jill  I Call You Father: Insistence (No. 4)
The Blind One (No. 4)
– In the forest (No. 22)
You want to place the sun back in the sky (No. 22)

Charman, Janet  Improving the Human (No. 7)
– because desiring (No. 25)
Ranginui (No. 25)
the holy ghost and the lost boys (No. 25)
a parallel reality Cheryl West (No. 25)
in besidedness (No. 25)
for reasons of authenticity (No. 25)

Charman, Walter  The Blue Penguin (No. 25)

Claire, Gemma  Three Minutes Silence (No. 1)
At the New Zealand Police Museum (No. 1)

Cliff, Craig  The Link Arcade (No. 8)

Colquhoun, Glenn A Letter to Iris Wilkinson (No. 19)

Compton, Jennifer  I’m putting together a programme of your poetry for the ABC (for Alistair Paterson) (No. 6)

Conlon, Evelyn  Another Winter (2005) (No. 1)
For Yana (No. 1)

Cooke, Kay McKenzie  Maniototo (No. 18)
– I’ll Take It (No. 22)
– Purple Roses of Gore (No. 22)
Reg Lee (No. 24)
Reading your poems through a Kakanui storm (No. 28)

Cottier, P S (Australia) Passing Beauty (No. 13)

Craig, Albert (UK) Grand Final at the Palace (No. 13)

Creeley, Robert (USA)  Paterson/Creeley: A Conversation (No. 3)

Dacker, Bill  A Song for the River (No. 4)
– O Te Koru (No. 23)

Davidson, Lynn  Calling Up The Fool (No. 4)
Ringing the Bell Backwards (No. 4)

Davies, Piers  Variations on a Found Poems (No. 25)

Dennison, John  A Brief History of the Sign (No. 11)
Errata (No. 11)

Dickson, John The persistence of football results on Bealey Ave (No. 13)

Diepenheim, Belinda  Day of Stone (No. 25)
Her small daughter (No. 25)
About a Tree (No. 25)

Direen, William (Bill)  From The Centre (No. 17)
Tour Manager R.I.P. (No. 26)

Duckworth, Marilyn  How to Conduct a Relationship (No. 2)
– Marble Solitaire (No. 19)

Duffett, Michael (USA)  Dark Matter (No. 1)
– Encounter (No. 1)
– Sarah Poem (for Denis Glover) (No. 4)
Man and God and Child (for Allen Curnow) (No. 4)
From The Homecoming (No. 4)
Sonnets Holy and Unholy (No. 8)
Untitled Poems (No. 11)
To Corso and Whale Island (No. 14)
A Tie That Binds (No. 14)
Avian Fame (No. 14)
Youth and Age (No. 17)
– From Autobiography (No. 17)
Christmas Card: A Page From Newton’s Notebook (No. 17)
The Puritan’s Lament (No. 17)
Fruit and Flowers From the Garden (No. 17)
My Friend (No. 17)
The Western Edge (No. 17)
Little Starving Syrian Boys (No. 17)
Global Warming Bear Love (No. 17)
My Little Dog (No. 17)
A Political Non-Sonnet (No. 17)
Not Much More to Celebrate Than a Clean Shirt (No. 17)
– On an Idea of Robert Graves (No. 22)
Waiting for the Train (No. 22)
Partition Anniversary (No. 22)
Apologies to Plato (No. 23)
Two Sonnets (No. 24)
The Arrangement of the Senses (No. 27)
The wind blows the grass in three different ways (No. 27)
South Sea Sonnet (No. 27)

Duggan, Laurie (Australia/UK)  Allotment #108 (No. 20)
– Allotment #111 (No. 20)
– Robert Rauschenberg (No. 20)
– A Room, Venice (No. 20)

Dunn, Aline Glances (No. 12)

Easthope, Nicola  Sea Horse (No. 9)

Egerton, Ben The Beautiful Game (No. 13)

Eggleton, David  River (No. 10)
Hei-Tiki (No. 10)
Rust Casting an Iron Spell (No. 10)
– King Tide, Northside (No. 18)
– Hurricane Ode (No. 22)
Almost Once (No. 24)
– Groak (No. 24)
The Mackenzie Basin (No. 28)

Ensing, Riemke  Matariki (for Bernard Gadd) (No. 3)
– ‘Fanciful, Apocryphal, Delete’ (No. 6)
Being There (No. 14)
‘Und Ob Die Wolke’ (No. 14)
Sweeping the Path (No. 15)
Birds, Rain and Plum (No. 15)
Painters (No. 15)
The Lauris Edmond Memorial Award as a feather in the Cap (No. 15)
Imagine (No. 15)
Thinking of You Now (No. 15)
Poem About a Vase Perhaps (No. 15)
Top of the Morning (No. 15)
A China Shoe (No. 19)
Death (No. 19)

Fagan, Andrew  Teeth and Gums (No. 10)
– Night Island (No. 26)
The Watchkeepers (No. 26)
Vertical Shafts of Rain (No. 26)
Flashing Every Four Seconds (No 26)
Eternal (No. 26)
The Perimeter (No. 26)
Conquest (No. 26)
A Remote Option (No. 26)
Words Written on Trees (No. 26)
Sail the Other Way (No. 26)
Race to the End (No. 26)

Fairburn, A R D   Jazz (No. 4)

Faith, Rangi  Karakia in a Museum (No. 9)
Moa Bones on the Doughboy 2009 (No. 9)

Farrell, Michael (Australia)  Great Poet Snowdome (No. 20)

Fell, Cliff  Prayer for the Rose of Tralee: A Cento (No. 9)
Speed Reading the Classics (No. 9)

Fink, Thomas (USA) Subprime Mortgage Bargain Lot 2 (No. 21)
– Subprime Mortgage Bargain Lot 2 (No. 21)

FitzGerald, Jan  Sea Captain (No. 4)

Fleck, Simon  Slave (No. 15)

Forbes, John (Australia) Homage to Brian Wilson (No. 20)
– Autobiography (No. 20)

Frazer, Brentley (Australia) Purple Vertigo (No. 14)
Cigarettes and Tending Orchids (No. 14)
Elizabeth Arcadia (No. 18)
– I make those annoying quote fingers when I say ‘Australian’ (No. 23)

French, Anne  Approaches to Auckland (No. 6)

Fry, Robin  Orage (No. 1)
Time Travel (No. 1)

Furat, Basim (Iraq/NZ)  The Buraq Arrives in Hiroshima [translation] (No. 1)
Inside the Citadel of Hiroshima [translation] (No. 1)
Students of Hondori [translation] (No. 7)
The Man from Hiroshima [translation] (No. 9)
Mesopotamia [translation] (No. 9)
– Climbing Guagua Pichincha [translation] (No. 17)
Sudanese [translation] (No. 27)

Gannaway, Noeline Autumn Day (No. 14)
September Morning (No. 14)
Reunion (No. 17)
Mid-Winter (No. 17)

Gallas, John (NZ/UK)  Pacifictions (No. 8)
– N.Z. v Blokhin (No. 13)
Excuses No. 3: Football (No. 13)
Newton-in-the-Isle (No. 27)
The Sandals of T. E. Lawrence (No. 27)

Gibbs, Ivy  Dreamin’ (No. 10)

Gilbert, Ruth  Poems from Sappho [7 translations] (No. 4)
J B M (1918-1995) (No. 4)

Gipps, H S After (No. 12)

Grace, C W My First Football Match (No. 13)

Groom, Dylan Football (No. 13)

Groom, Michael Foreword (No. 13)

Gunson, Vaughan The Goalkeeper (No. 13)

Hack, Rob  Radio Mast Between Matavera and Ngatangiia (No. 18)
All Day on Mauke (No. 18)

Hall, Bernadette  Kaiwhekea Katiki (No. 22)

Harlow, Michael  Canticle (No. 4)
Short Talk Cantibile on Spring with Fantails (No. 14)
– Learning to be an Astronomer (No. 14)
On Never Meeting Samuel Beckett (No. 14)
Photojournalism and Telling a Story (No. 14)
Short Talk on Aesthetics (No. 14)
Writer’s Block (No. 14)
Post Mortem on Promises (No. 14)
Reading Between-the-Lines Miss Florentine (No. 19)
‘For Once, Then Something’ (No. 19)
A Matinée Special (No. 19)
All the pianos in the wood (No. 28)
Flying Weather (No. 28)

Harris, Paula  The Smell of Rain on Dust (No. 10)
Question and Answers (No. 10)
For Mahinarangi Tocker [article] (No. 10)

Harvey, Siobhan  Saint Pauline of Aranui (No. 4)
The Road Taken (No. 4)
Alistair Paterson Birds Flying [essay] (No. 6)
– The Imaginarium (No. 23)
Family (No. 23)
My First Boyfriend is an Apparition of the Heart (No. 26)
To Live in a Telephone Box (No. 26)

Haswell, Judith  Sauna (No. 15)
Corot (No. 15)

Hawken, Dinah  Haze (No. 20)
Leaf (No. 20)

Hay, Karyn Church Bay, Tukukaka (No. 26)

Heatley, H H  Inamorata (No. 12)

Heighton, Bessie L  Nor’-wester (No. 12)
The Old Rocker (No. 12)
Anzac Flowers (No. 12)
Sunrise (No. 12)
Willow Song (No. 12)
Memories (No. 12)
Autumn (No. 12)

Hickin, Roger Waianakarua (No. 8)
– A Postcard from Solentiname (No. 16)
Easter Burial (No. 16)
Leaf – Rain – Marble (No. 28)

Hill, Paul  On Makara Hill (No. 5)

Holmes, Honor Gordon  Springtime in Pigeon Bay (No. 12)
Goodbye to Holmes’s Bay (No. 12)

Hopkins, Tony  To Tell Truth is to Tell it Like it Is (No. 9)

Howie, Dorothy  An Epiphany (No. 15)
Laguna (No. 15)
A Baxter Tryptych (No. 15)

Hugo, O E  The Home of the Para Fern (No. 11)
Trees (No. 11)

Hunter, Rex  Cleopatra (No. 8)

Ireland, Kevin  A Greek Transaction (No. 2)
–  Dreampt-Up Poems (No. 15)
Every Little Thing I Have (No. 15)
Exotic (No. 19)

Irwin, E A  Midnight Over Okain’s Bay (No. 12)
God’s Garden (No. 12)
The Last Passage (No. 12)

Isdale, Hugh Past Limits (No. 18)
Thames Branch (No. 18)

Jackson, Anna  Stand Too Close (No. 7)
Lucky (No. 7)

Jeune, Alex  Remembrance (No. 23)
Compulsion (No. 23)
Insomnia (No. 23)
Strength (No. 23)
For the Beauty (No. 26)
– Meditation (No. 27)

Jeune, Margaret  Start with a Smile (No. 23)
My Dutch Connection (No. 23)
How to Place an Artefact? (No. 23)
Aviator (No. 23)
Autumn Willow (No. 23)
Nicotine Butterfly (No. 23)
Shakespeare Bay (No. 23)
The Blues (No. 23)
Hitchhikers (No. 23)
Huia (No. 23)
Our Forefathers (No. 24)
Subliminal Poetry (No. 25)
Train of Thought (No. 27)
A Eureka Moment (No. 27)
Powerful Emotions (No. 27)

Johnson, Louis  Extract from a Radio Talk, 1964 (No. 2)
Te MataPeak (No. 2)
Man Alone (No. 2)
Intimacy (No. 2)
Lazy Man’s Load (No. 2)
On Capitalism (No. 2)
– At the Palazzo Pitti (No. 19)

Johnson, Miranda  Jet (No. 2)

Jones, Tim  Down George Street in the Rain (No. 3)
Baxter-Curnow Band Live at Hyde Park 1969 (No. 9)
That H-shaped Hole (No. 13)

Karena-Holmes, David  Beside the Reservoir (No. 18)
The Mind (No. 18)
Three Night Fragments (No. 18)
Sunrise (No. 18)
The Question (No. 18)
The Dream (No. 18)
The Gatepost (No. 18)
A Star in Space (No. 18)
Not by Bread (No. 18)
Love Alone (No. 18)
– History (No. 24)
Motor-Car or The Imbecility of the Automobile (No. 24)

Kassabova, Kapka  Summers Like This (No. 19)
Somewhere (No. 19)

Kemp, Jan  Cornish Hymn (No. 7)
– Paris, June 2014 (No. 15)
Stork, Cuckoo, Lark (No. 15)

Kenneally, Cath (Australia)  Endless Summer (No. 20)

Kiarie, Wanjiku  The Torch (No. 3)
Grandpa (No. 3)
Beat Time on the Side Walk (No. 9)

Kidman, Fiona  So Far, for Now (No. 5)

Koirala, Saradha  Portrait (No. 7)

La Follette, Cameron (USA)  Border Guardians (No. 8)
Forest Oath (No. 11)
Night-Flower Woman (No. 11)
Animals’ Descent (No. 11)
River Otter (No. 11)
Salmon Gives Birth (No. 11)
Desert Lives (No. 11)
Duck Wings (No. 11)
Away in the Music (No. 11)
In the Forest (No. 11)
Panther Mind (No. 14)
The House Where Time Begins (No. 14)
Wildflower Cowboy (No. 14)
High Class Whore (No. 17)
City Crowds (No. 17)
Subway Dancer (No. 17)

Lambert, Leonard  Fly-past (No. 4)

Langford, Gary World Cup Talks (No. 13)
Uncle the Football hero (No. 13)
Knowledge (No. 13)
Charge of the Balls Brigade (No. 13)
Dear Problem Page (No. 13)

Langston, Richard  First Born (No. 3)
– Travelling (No. 3)
Bushfire (No. 10)
Home Movies (No. 10)

Le Bas, Jessica  His Way By Moonlight (No. 5)

Leadbeater, Will  Impressionism (No. 3)
– Romance (No. 3)
A Poetry Manual (No. 6)

Leggott, Michele Sometimes it happens (No. 21)

Lindsay, Graham  Persia (No. 7)

Lowe, Helen  Penelope Dreaming (No. 7)
Starman (No. 7)

Manhire, Bill  Crime Scene (No. 7)
– Half (No. 26)
Outram (No. 26)

McAlpine, Rachel  In the Old Days We Were Heroes (No. 3)
– Flatlantis 2 (No. 3) 

McCabe, Chris (UK)  George Orwell (No. 8)
The Boy Made of Marble (No. 8)
Kingfisher (No. 8)

McCallum, Mary  Element (No. 8)

McClean, Genevieve  Cedars (No. 7)

McCurdie, Carolyn  Solidarity (No. 28)

McGill, David Football Limerick (No. 13)

McKellow, W J  Home (No. 12)

McLean, Robert  At the Rakaia, Lake Coleridge Basin (No. 9)

McQueen, Harvey  Thomas Hardy (No. 2)
Return (No. 2)
Flesh is Site and Word (No. 2)
An Unexpected Tui (No. 5)
The Nature of Things (No. 5)
Winter Olympics (No. 5)
Unexpected Glee (No. 5)
Just So: A Love Poem Of Sorts (No. 5)
Perfection (No. 5)

Molloy, Harvey  Ghosts of St James (No. 3)
Revenant (No. 7)
The Footballer (No. 13)

Morris, Laura  The Taming of the Shrew (No. 11)
At Waimarama (No. 11)
Bound (No. 11)

Morrissey, Michael  Much Ado About Reflection (No. 6)
Tick Tock (No. 6)

Morseth, Martha  Smile (No. 28)

Murchie, Erihapeti  Waves Crashing (No. 11)
Awarua (Te Hura Kohatu) (No. 11)

Murphy, Sheila E (USA)  This New Year (No. 21)
Repartee (No. 21)
Singing in the Dead (No. 21)

Mutton, Gary  Tapu Cove (No. 17)
Auckland Islands (No. 17)

Newcomer, Annie (USA)  Cleopatra VII – Last Queen of Egypt – A Sonnet (No. 15)
– Caregivers (No. 23)
Bartering in Raglan, NZ (No. 26)

Norcliffe, James  Orthography (No. 3)
Kotuku (No. 28)
The taxi driver searches for his daughter (No. 28)

O’Brien, Gregory  From A Song Book for Ken Bolton (No. 20)

O’Connor, John  Scene From a Lost Movie (No. 3)
Arles, 1910 (No. 3)
Homeless (No. 11)

O’Keefe, Ella (Australia)  Cartouche (No. 20)
– As discussed (No. 20)
– Sleep’n (No. 20)
– Grabby (No. 20)

O’Leary, Michael  Sonnet for Victor O’Leary (No. 1)
Waiouru (No. 5)
Dargaville (No. 5)
From P.H.D. to PhD (No. 8)
The Last 48 Seconds of Kurt Cobain (No. 8)
Manchester United vs Auckland 1967 (No. 13)
Track Gang & Shunters at Paekakariki (No. 17)
A Sonnet for Malcolm Murchie on Turning Ninety (No. 17)
Ken Bolton in the Hutt Valley (No. 20)
Paul McCartney at Mount Smart Stadium (No. 21)
– A Sonnet to Neve Te Aroha (No. 22)
Dreams of Innocence (No. 26)
Sonnet for the Existential Crisies #12 and 25 (No. 27)
It don’t come easy (No. 28)

O’Leary, Victor  Briefly We Live (No. 1)

Olds, Peter  The Painter (No. 3)
– The Octopus (No. 3)
– Easy Rider on George Street (No. 16)
The Beatles Arrive by Car at the Royal International Hotel, Auckland, 1964 (No. 16)
Three Dunedin Walks (No. 18)
Tattoo Dream (No. 18)
– Spotting Bukowski (No. 22)
Hail & Water (No. 28)
Jack Kerouac at Shag Point (No. 28)

Oliver, Stephen  Marooned (No. 1)
Swagman’s Song (No. 1)
– This Way Out (No. 16)
Lace (No. 16)
The World’s Basement (No. 16)
Poetry Day Blues (No. 16)
Still Life with Boulders (No. 16)
– The Departed Guest (No. 16)
Scarecrow (No. 16)
Testament (No. 16)

O’Reilly, Bill Western Christchurch (No. 13)

Orr, Bob  Barberry (No. 16)
Shore Leave (No. 19)
Love Poem (No. 19)

O’Sullivan, Vincent  History, For You (No. 2)
– Whose Move is it, Comrades? (No. 15)
On Hearing the News (No. 15)
This was way back, mind (No. 19)
One Girl Thinking Niagara (No. 19)

Parker, Patricia  The Awakening (No. 12)
Winter Music (No. 12)
Witch’s Hill (No. 12)

Paterson, Alistair  A View From the Tavern (No. 2)
Paterson/Creeley: A Conversation (No. 3)
A Song for Celia (No. 6)
Safely, perhaps the Alamo (No. 6)
How to write fiction (No. 6)
A Calling (for Ruth Dallas) (No. 6)
Discovery (No. 6)
Oh, Bess Throckmorton (No. 9)
– The Forest of Tane (No. 15)
Bend of the River (No. 16)
– Icons (No. 23)
The Tempest (No. 23)
The King of the Golden River (No. 23)
Connections (No. 26)
Sequoia (No. 26)

Pettet, A G (Australia)  Red (No. 19)
Awaiting Bacchus (No. 19)
Walpurgisnacht (No. 19)

Pirie, Mark  Prefaces (No. 1-ongoing)
Bushed (for Stephen Oliver) (No. 1)
For Meg Campbell (No. 1)
The Street (i.m. Robert Creeley) (No. 3)
The Walk (for Harvey McQueen) (No. 5)
An Interview with Harvey McQueen (No. 5)
The View (for Alistair Paterson) (No. 6)
Lyric (for Mahinarangi Tocker) (No. 10)
Two Films (No. 11)
My Great Uncle (No. 11)
Boots (No. 13)
The Cup (No. 13)
All White on the Night (No. 13)
Sonnet for Simon Elliott (No. 13)
World Cup Epigrams (No. 13)
Tribute to an Old General (No. 13)
Newtown Park (No. 13)
– Two Concerts (No. 16)
Crash Course (No. 18)
Cicada Summer (No. 18)
Seeing Art Blakey (No. 20)
– Hugh Beller, to J. (No. 22)
Michael J Fox (No. 22)
Elegy: Michael Duffett (No. 24)
This and That, and Winter (No. 24)
When Andrew arrived (No. 26)
Boats (No. 26)
Christian Cullen: All Black Great (No. 27)
Looking for hihi at Zealandia (No. 28)

Plumb, Vivienne  The Animals (No. 6)
– The Next Revolution (No. 27)

Pope, Robert J  The Syrens of Kenepuru (No. 10)
An All Blacks Rumour (No. 10)

Powell, Jenny  From Vietnam: A Poem Journey (No. 3)
Down the Bay (No. 10)
– Chasing the Selenelion (No. 22)
This is Not Ophelia (No. 22)
– Post It (No. 22)
Rural Tightrope (No. 24)
The Truth of Glass Displacement (No. 24)
Drizzle of Birds (No. 28)
The Professional Development of Royal Spoonbills in Literacy and Numeracy (No. 28)
Biology Field Trip (No. 28)
Albatross Colony, Taiaroa Head – Pukekura (No. 28)
Bridging Conversations:  An Octopus Octet (No. 28)

Prime, Patricia  Marie Ponsot (No. 16)

Raffills, Mark  The Red Shawl (No. 23)

Rapatahana, Vaughan  Up Takapu (No. 9)
– Effluvium (No. 17)
Swimming Across You (No. 17)

Reeve, Blair Newborn (No. 18)
Stuck in a Feedback Loop (No. 18)
– Last Legs: An Abstract Ballet for Notre-Dame de Paris (No. 24)
Deadly Dust: Bboy Patterns for Zvezda Moonbase Alpha  (No. 24)

Reeve, Richard Judicial Notice (No. 17)
In a Country Churchyard (No. 18)
The Elite (No. 18)
– Posts (No. 22)
Undertakings (No. 22)
The Necessity of Atheism (No. 24)
Littoral (No. 24)
Westies Camp (No. 24)
Living and Dying in Taranaki (No. 28)

Reeves, P V  A Grey Day (No. 11)
Life With Its Teachers (No. 11)
Moon Struck (No. 14)
Seen Through The Window (No. 14)
– Martinborough Wind (No. 23)

Rego, Marion  Finding Myself (No. 23)
Memory (No. 23)
Sections for Sale (No. 27)
Progress (No. 27)

Reid, Nicholas Arrival (No. 14)
Phocidae (No. 14)
King of Comedy (No. 16)
Ars Amoris (No. 16)
A Poem About James McKune (No. 18)

Reiter, David P From Timelord Dreaming (No. 17)

Rickerby, Helen  Winters of Discontent (No. 2)
Burning with Joan of Arc (No. 2)
– How to keep living (No. 25)
Against pity (No. 25)

Ricketts, Harry  Some Things to Remember About Lou (No. 2)
Cricket Coach Bob Woolmer who died mysteriously in a Jamaica Hotel Room coached which national side? (No. 8)
Sansome Walk (No. 13)
– Arguments for Religion (No. 27)
Debris (No. 27)

Riddell, Ron  My Mother’s Last View of Ruapehu (No. 5)
An Empty House in Titirangi (No. 6)
– From Santa Elena (No. 26)
– From Rio Cedro (No. 26)

Roberts, Jeremy  Do the Math (No. 17)
Waiting to See Iggy & The Stooges (No. 17)

Roberts, T E L  Mount Pleasant (No. 12)
The Hills of Home (No. 12)

Ross, Jack  One More Thing (for Alistair Paterson) (No. 6)

Rudolf, Anthony (UK)  From Scenes From Childhood (No. 7)
From Zigzag (No. 7)
From A Vanishing Hand: My Autograph Album [memoir] (No. 7)
From A Vanished Hand: My Autograph Album [memoir] (No. 13)
Two Linked Poems for Charlie (No. 17)
Holland Park (No. 27)

Rugis, Anna  Song and Dance (No. 5)

Ruth, Damian  An Elusive Scent (No. 22)

Sakowski, Edward From (No. 14)

Samuels, Lisa  Starting at the End (No. 21)
Record Happiness (No. 21)

Sanderson, Martyn  Wealthy Willie (No. 2)

Scott, L E  Night Dancers (No. 1)
Sunflower for My Brother’s Grave (No. 1)
Midwife (No. 9)
Life Evens Out (No. 9)
Morning Says Goodnight to Night (No. 9)
Dichotomy (No. 9)
Figures in Stone (No. 9)
Midnight (No. 9)
Two Spirits (No. 9)
Dry Wet Seasons (No. 9)
– Yesterday (No. 9)
Tumbleweeds (No. 9)

Selwyn, Ila  Skytronium (No. 7)
– a requiem for Peter (No. 25)

Shadbolt, Peter  My Brother (No. 2)

Sharp, Iain  The Briefest Beatle (No. 6)
Why I Love Jazz (No. 6)

Sherratt, Alfred Stanley  Maui Falls Before Hine-nui-te-po, Goddess of Death (No. 12)
Tawhirimatea, The Storm God (No. 12)

Simonovic, Gus  Island and the Sea (No. 19)
Another Messenger (No. 19)

Slavick, Madeleine Marie (USA/Hong Kong/NZ)  When he said (No. 7)
High Rise (No. 9)
Knees (No. 9)
Skyscraper, Moon, Sea (No. 9)
– close, closer (No. 15)
ginger lily (No. 15)
– Four Towns (No. 27)
One Carcass (No. 27)
The Road Where I Live (No. 27)

Smither, Elizabeth  Reading Maxine Kumin (No. 5)
– Drycleaners London and Paris (No. 19)
– My American chair (No. 25)
The black surgeon (No. 25)

Smithyman, Kendrick Dialectic (No. 13)

Solomon, Laura  In Shackles (No. 3)
Behind the Scenes in the Lost and Found at the British Museum (No. 5)
The Fix-it Man (No. 5)
Resurfacing from the Wreck (No. 8)
Quasimodo Gets the Blues (No. 10)
– Sky Burial (No. 14)
– The Swarm (No. 16)
After the Surgery (No. 16)
– Building Wharf (No. 22)
Eternal Summer (No. 24)

Somerville, Alice Te Punga  just like that (No. 9)
fleet (No. 9)

Southam, Barry  The Medical Superintendent (No. 6)
The Home Owner (No. 6)

Spence, Pete (Australia)  Stylish Essay (No. 21)
Returns (No. 21)
Rust (No. 21)

Sprague, Nicole (USA)  Dionysus’ Regrets (No. 16)
Resurrection (No. 16)
Six Alaskan Huskies (No. 16)
Discourse with a Fire Ablaze in an Alaskan Boreal Forest (No. 16)

Stead, C K  Black River Blues (For Mahinarangi Tocker) (No. 10)
– Five Shorts for Peter Bland (No. 19)

Steven, Michael  Lottie’s Song (No. 4)
Port Waikato (No. 4)
– Old Timer, Avondale (No. 16)
Ungaretti (No. 16)
May 2, 1974 (No. 18)
Opahi Bay (No. 18)

Strang, Barbara  The Long Body (No. 3)
– Learning About Torture (No. 3)

Sullivan, Grant Match Day (No. 13)

Sutton, Bill  Moons of Jupiter (No. 9)
Tennis (No. 9)
– Golden Hour (No. 16)
– Federer at Wimbledon (No. 23)
– David and Nick (No. 27)

Surridge, André Three Haiku (No. 13)

Symes, Dominic (Australia)  Ghosts (No. 20)

Tabios, Eileen R (USA) From The Ashbery Riff-Offs (No. 21)

Tasew, Yilma Tafere  Eroded (No. 8)

Taylor, Apirana  a great seamstress (No. 9)
what i am (No. 9)

Teaiwa, Teresia  ordinary/interrupted (No. 9)
The Ballroom Poetry Cafe: A Riff [essay] (No. 9)

Thomson, MaryJane Narcissus Lies Down (No. 14)
One strike (No. 14)
Phrase (No. 16)
Not for you (No. 16)
Yonder Sun (No. 18)
The Beginning Exit The End Entry (No. 18)
Pitstop (No. 18)
151 (No. 18)
A Tree (No. 18)

Tillman, H  Cracroft Hill (No. 12)
New Paths (No. 12)

Tocker, Mahinarangi  From Taumarunui (No. 10)
Love (No. 10)
Embrace (No. 10)
Sea (No. 10)
– Dedicated to Richard T (No. 10)
The Ring That My Kuia Wore (No. 10)
A.F. (No. 10)
Minutes & Seconds (No. 10)

Turner, Brian  Cricket at Oturehua (No. 4)
Black (No. 14)
Clouds Between Ranfurly and Wedderburn (No. 14)
Epitaph (No. 14)
Prayer (No. 14)
– On the Road Again (No. 29)
Scrambles (No. 29)
– February 22 (No. 29)

Vanguard Players’ 12 Commandments (No. 13)

Van Trigt, Eileen Rhapsody in Pink (No. 24)

Villiers, Annie  Māta-au (No. 28)
Paris without you (No. 28)

Wairama, Moira  Karanga Tia Ra (No. 9)

Walker, Michael Fire (No. 14)
– Dusky Day in Dallas (No. 14)

Ward, Gill  For D J M (No. 23)
Gathering (No. 23)

Waterhouse, Kate  Black swans (No. 25)
Jawoyn country (No. 25)

Wattie, Nelson  Please Be Patient (No. 2)

Webb-Pullmann, Mercedes Coco (No. 21)

Wedde, Ian  Harry Martens (No. 5)
– From The Little Ache – A German Notebook (No. 21)

Weisman, Dorit  After Two Catheterizations (No. 29)
– I Could Have (No. 29)

Wembley Scotland v. England (No. 13)

White, Pat Matariki (No. 14)
– Silent (No. 14)
Spinning (No. 14)

Williams, C A J  How We Live (No. 24)

Withers, Ida M  A Canterbury Summer (No. 12)

Wolffram, Paul  From The Stranger Within: An Ethnographic Poem (No. 3)
From The Stranger Within: An Ethnographic Poem (No. 8)
From Chinatown (No. 8)
– Postmodern Motorcycle Maintenance (No. 8)

Wright, F W N (Niel)  The Gift (No. 2)
November Weather (No. 2)
Lacrima Musae (No. 2)
A Reading (in Part) of the Poetry of Louis Johnson [essay] (No. 2)
Ruth Gilbert’s The Luthier [essay] (No. 4)
Incessant (No. 8)
Staying Alive II (No. 8)
Patch Up (No. 8)
Showcase Canzonet (No. 8)
Newspaper Man (No. 8)
Sestet (No. 8)
Further Comment on Cameron La Follette (No. 11)
– Tricarboxcylic Writes XXIa, 3535 (No. 25)
Tricarboxcylic Writes XLVI, 3558-3560 (No. 25)
– From A Letter to Myself, Poems 3752 and 3765 (No. 27)
– From Geriatric Writes, LXXXIII and XCI (No. 27)

Wright, Tim (Australia)  November Again (No. 20)

Yates, Charlotte  A Heart to Make (No. 10)

Young, Mark The Playgirl of the Western World (No. 14)
A Line from Donald Trump (No. 21)
The / Glazed Ambiguity of / the Moon (No. 21)
Kuhn’s Nude, Duchamp’s Paradigm (No. 21)
Basho Condensed (No. 21)
Clusters of Titanium Dioxide (No. 21)
Some Things I Never Told My Roshi (No. 21)
An Impression of Impressionism (No. 21)
For Cindy, Bird Song (No. 21)

Zelas, Karen  Drought (No. 15)
The Old Pa Site (No. 15)

Subject Index

All Blacks “Invincibles” rugby team
Poem (No. 10)

All Blacks rugby team
Poem (No. 14)

Chinua Achebe
Poem (No. 9)

Anna Akhmatova
Translations (No. 5)

Neve Te Aroha Ardern
Poem Tribute (No. 22)

Nick Ascroft
Poems and feature (No. 24)

John Ashbery
Poem tribute (No. 20)
Poems (No. 21)

Ballroom Poetry Cafe, Newtown, Wellington, New Zealand
Article (No. 9)

James K Baxter
Poem (No. 9)
Poem tribute (No. 15)

The Beatles
Poem (No. 16)
Poem (No. 21)

Bee Gees
Poem (no. 8)

Richard Berengarten
Poems (No. 27)

Jeanne Bernhardt
Poems and Feature (No. 23)

George Best
Drawing/poems (No. 13)

Peter Bland
Poems/tributes/etching/photo (No. 19)

Petrus Borel
Poem translation (No. 29)

Joseph Brodsky
Poem (No. 15)

Charles Bukowski
Poem (No. 22)

Alistair Te Ariki Campbell
Posthumously published poem (No. 4)

Meg Campbell
– Tributes and poem (No. 1)
Posthumously published poems (No. 4)

David Campese
– Poem (No. 27)

Canterbury, New Zealand poetry
Poems (No. 12)

Dale Carnegie
Poem (No. 26)

Charles Causley
Tribute (No. 7)

Coco Chanel
Tribute (No. 21)

Cleopatra VII, Last Queen of Egypt
Poem (No. 15)

Kurt Cobain
Poem tribute (No. 8)

Gregory Corso
Poem tribute (No. 14)

Robert Creeley
Tribute, drawing and interview (No. 3)

Christian Cullen
Tribute (No. 27)

Allen Curnow
Poem dedication (No. 4)
Poem (No. 9)

Ruth Dallas
Tribute (No. 6)

John Denver
Poem tribute (No. 16)

John Dickson
Poem Tribute (No. 22)

Michael Duffet
Poems and feature (No. 17)
Poem Tribute (No. 24)

Eileen Duggan
Poem (No. 11)

Lauris Edmond
Poem (No. 19)

Simon Elliott
Poem tribute (No. 13)

English football
Essay/poems (No. 13)

Riemke Ensing
Poems, photo and tributes (No. 15)

Roderick Finlayson
Poem (No. 29)

General Grant shipwreck
Poem (No. 17)

Andrew Fagan
Tribute (No. 10)
Poems and tribute (No. 26)

A R D Fairburn
– Uncollected/unpublished poem (No. 4)
Poem tribute (No. 18)

Roger Federer
Poem Tribute (No. 23)

FIFA World Cup
Poems (No 13)

First World War poetry
Poems (No. 12)

Tony Fomison
Poem tribute (No. 15)

Football poetry
Poems (No. 13)

Michael J Fox
Poem Tribute (No. 22)

Bernard Gadd
Tribute (No. 3)

John Gallas
Poems feature (No. 8)

Jerry Garcia
– Poem (No. 14)

Ruth Gilbert
– Essay, drawing and poems (No. 4)

Denis Glover
Poem dedication, tribute (No. 4)

C F Goldie
Poem (No. 14)

Stanley Graham
Poem (No. 1)
Poem (No. 9)

Michael Harlow
Poems (No. 14)

Dirk Hugsam
Poem Tribute (No. 26)

Robin Hyde
Song lyric tribute/music score (No. 19)

Kevin Ireland
Poems and tributes (No. 29)

Iraq football team
Tribute (No. 13)

Kathleen Jamie
Poem (No. 24)

Louis Johnson
Tributes, unpublished/uncollected poems, essay and photograph (No. 2)
Poem tribute (No. 29)

John F Kennedy
Poem tribute (No. 14)

Kaiwhekea Katiki
Poem (No. 22)

Maxine Kumin
Poem (No. 6)

Cameron La Follette
Poems, article (No. 11)

T E Lawrence
Poem (No. 27)

Timothy Leary
Poem (No. 23)

Christian Lindberg
Poem (No. 16)

Dennis List
Tribute (No. 2)

Manchester United FC
Poems/memoir (No. 13)

Vladimir V Mayakovsky
Poem (No. 26)

Paul McCartney
Poem tribute (No. 21)

James McKune
Poem tribute (No. 18)

Harvey McQueen
– Tributes, poems, photo and interview (No. 5)

David Mitchell
Poem Tribute (No. 23)

Eduard Mörike
Translation by Noeline Gannaway (No. 14)

New Zealand football
Poems (No. 13)

Michael O’Leary
Poem dedication (No. 18)

Victor O’Leary
– Tribute, uncollected poem and photograph (No. 1)

Stephen Oliver
Tribute (No. 1)
Poem letter (No. 28)

W H Oliver
– Poem dedication (No. 1)

Alistair Paterson
Tributes, essay, poems and drawing (No. 6)

Jenny Pattrick
Poem (No. 10)

Poetry of Maori myths and legends
Poems (No. 12)

Marie Ponsot
Poem (No. 16)

Pontius Pilate
Poem (No. 29)

Iggy Pop & The Stooges
Poem (No. 17)

Robert J Pope
Uncollected/unpublished poems (No. 10)

Jenny Powell
Poems and tribute (No. 28)

Quechua Mountain, Ecuador (No. 17)

Gloria Rawlinson
Poem tribute (No. 15)

Rainer Maria Rilke
Translation by Noeline Gannaway (No. 14)

Anthony Rudolf
Poems and memoir extract (No. 7)

Edward Sakowski
Translation by Robert Zuch (No. 14)

– Translations (No. 4)

Poem (No. 16)

L E Scott
Article and tribute (No. 9)

Peter Selwyn
Poem Tribute (No. 25)

Maurice Shadbolt
Tribute (No. 2)

Peter Snell
Poem (No. 16)

Ringo Starr
Poem tribute (No. 28)

Star poets of Christchurch 1922 -26
Poems (No. 12)

C K Stead
Poem tribute (No. 29)

Mahinarangi Tocker
Tributes, drawing and uncollected/unpublished poetry (No. 10)

Georg Trakl
Poem translations (No. 24)

William Wantling
Poem (No. 18)

Brett Whiteley
– Poem (No. 24)

Brian Wilson
Poem (No. 20)

Bob Woolmer
Poem tribute (No. 8)

World War One
Poem (No. 16)

Mark Young
Poems and Feature (No. 21)

Artwork Index

Bianca Barling
Photo of Ken Bolton (No. 20)

Robert Cross
Photo of Louis Johnson (No. 2)

Donna Demente
Photo of Jenny Powell (No. 28)

Debra Duffett
Photo of Michael Duffett (No. 17)

James Ensing-Trussell
Photo of Riemke Ensing (No. 15)

Marie Fallen
Photo of Margaret Jeune (No. 23)

Minka Firth
Photo of Andrew Fagan (No. 26)

Allan MacGillivray
Photo of Stephen Oliver (No. 16)

Althea Northcross
Photo of Anthony Rudolf in Paris (No. 7)

Michael O’Leary
Drawing of Robert Creeley (No. 3)
Drawing of Ruth Gilbert (No. 4)
Drawing of Mahinarangi Tocker (No. 10)
Drawing of George Best (No. 13)

Otago Daily Times
Photo of Michael Harlow (No. 14)

Una Platts
Drawing of Alistair Paterson (No. 6)

Reindeer Girl
Photo of Jeanne Bernhardt (No. 22)

Melanie Reins
Photo of Richard Berengarten (No. 27)

John Schroeder
Photo of Peter Bland (No. 19)

Guthrie Smith
Etching of Peter Bland (No. 19)

Carl Suurmond
Photo of L E Scott (No. 9)

Source Unknown
Photo of Victor O’Leary and Michael O’Leary (No. 1)
Photo of John Gallas (N0. 8)
Photo of Cameron La Follette (No. 11)
Masthead of the Christchurch Star (No. 12)
Photo of Jimmy Logie, footballer (No. 13)
Autograph of Leslie Compton, footballer (No. 13)
Image of David Karena-Holmes (No. 18)
Photo of Kevin Ireland (No. 29)

Annalies van der Poel
Photo of Harvey McQueen (No. 5)

Lauren Young
Photo of Mark Young (No. 21)

Kate Wanwimolruk
Photo of Nick Ascroft (No. 24)

Max White
Photo of Janet Charman (No. 25)


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