Bill Dacker’s translation of O Te Koru

Bill Dacker’s poem ‘O Te Koru’ appeared in issue 23 of broadsheet, May 2019.

I asked Bill to translate the final passage from the poem for readers. It is written in te reo Māori.

Bill kindly sent us this translation:

Kapiti hono, tatai hono, te hunga ora ki te hunga ora;
[bind the living to the living
kapiti hono, tatai hono te hunga mate ki te hunga mate.
bind the dead to the dead.]
Kia ora te wairua kaha, te tautoko a te hunga ora
[Hello the strong spirit, the support of the living
mo te hunga mate, te tautoko a te hunga mate
for the dead, the support of the dead
mo te hunga ora.
for the living]

Thanks to Bill for the fine translation of his poem ending.

Mark Pirie, editor, broadsheet



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