Current Issue

Issue 12 November 2013 (PDF  120 KB – click on link to read)

Issue 12 Supplement: Chch Star Poets Index and Notes (PDF 121 KB – click on link to read)

Issue 12 features the Star poets of Christchurch 1922-26, a mostly unknown and previously unacknowledged group of early New Zealand poets. The Star poets included are: Una Auld (nee Currie), R D Brown, Aline Dunn, H S Gipps, H H Heatley, Bessie L Heighton, Honor Gordon Holmes, E A Irwin, W J McKellow, Patricia Parker, T E L Roberts, Sherratt, H Tillman and Ida M Withers. The supplement published with it includes the full index to the poems found in the Star newspaper and the editor Mark Pirie’s field notes to the poets.

Updated/new information/errata: Sherratt (full name Alfred Stanley Sherratt) was married to Eleanor. He worked as a Railways clerk/official in Canterbury. The contributor’s note and field notes to broadsheet 12 give his wife as Elizabeth and his occupation as a mill hand. Elizabeth was his mother and his father, also Alfred, was the mill hand.

broadsheet 12

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